Image of SNAKE CHARMER s/t 7"


sssSSSsss…SNAKE CHARMER strangles you with nine bursts of reckless despondency. These blown out charging psalms characterize the current climate of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Written for beings of another world, SNAKE CHARMER’s freshman release remind the listener that you are fighting a losing battle of victim vs victimizer. Combining elements SEPTIC DEATH, LOU REED’s Metal Machine, and blast beats that sound like you are pulverizing your knuckles on a rusty stairwell as Hep C infests your soul. Enjoy/regret at maximum volume. sssSSSsss

Track Listing:
SIDE A 1. Self Immolate 2. Nothing West of Queen St. 3. Don’t Touch Me 4. Maggot Ball
5. Ball and Chain SIDE B 6. Severed Feet 7. Honest Broker 8. Split Link 9. SCDC