SONS OF ISHMAEL Hayseed Hardcore Reissues

Image of SONS OF ISHMAEL Hayseed Hardcore Reissues


SONS OF ISHMAEL Hayseed Hardcore 12” Schiz 52 – Their Hayseed Hardcore 7” was immortalized in Pushead’s top 100 hardcore releases of the 80’s. Tucked away at #76 safely wedged between MASS APPEAL and RATTUS, SONS OF ISHMAEL were often compared to early D.R.I. with a rabid mix of early LARM and WRETCHED. Yes, that is a lot of power and speed thrown onto a 7” platter. Schizophrenic Records is proud to release the Hayseed Hardcore 12” which includes the full 7” as well as several compilation recordings by the original Meaford, Ontario lineup. 25 years later this record remains full of energy, drive and small town teenage angst. The release includes a band biography and insert containing original artwork and lyrics. Limited to 800 copies.