TV FREAKS D.Y.O.T./The Pits 7"

Image of TV FREAKS D.Y.O.T./The Pits 7"


On the tail of their third LP Bad Luck Charms, the latest buzzsaw guitar-rock barrage from TV FREAKS delivers two new essential cuts on March 11, 2016, “D.Y.O.T./The Pits”. Following a clutch of releases they’ve come home to Hamilton, ON’s long-running Schizophrenic Records. Recorded to eight-track in a single night, this two-song 7” reveals the band painting their typical wide-reaching emotional palette, or lackthereof. “D.Y.O.T.” is an epic mid-tempo jam, pulling sonic cues from anything and everything without compromise, seemingly less concerned with “punk” as a sound while still inevitably being just that. The flip side on the other hand is that, a frothing-at-the-mouth garage-punk burner “The Pits” more in line with something off the Rip Off Records catalogue of past. One of Canada’s best punk bands show off their range while continuing, as always, to do their own thing. Limited to 500 copies, all housed in a beautifully screen-printed die-cut sleeve.